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Bartending: Love What You Do

How cool would it be to Bartend? Next time you are out and about in a Central PA bar, take a second to check out what’s going on behind the bar. Notice the bartenders having a blast while preparing great cocktails and entertaining guests. Pay particular attention to the amount of money flying across the bar… Looks pretty good doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Most of our graduates agree that bartending is the best job ever! “Why didn’t I do this years ago?!”

It is very important that you understand that you are not just an order taker and a cocktail maker. Be prepared to be one or more of the following: the life of the party, the face of your establishment, a psychologist, a friend, a voice of reason, a mediator, a marriage counselor, a life coach, a comedian, an occasional Uber driver, and the un-proclaimed expert on pretty much everything (among other things).

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