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Don’t just take our word for it – take theirs!

  • Hey Nadine it’s Sarah Van Name☺️! I know it’s late but I started bartending today at the Revere Tavern on Lincoln highway and I really loved my first shift! Had a lot of fun and met a bunch of regulars!! Got told me colors were perfect and 2 girls said I made them the best Moscow mules they have ever tasted. Thanks so much for teaching me all my skills! Was thinking about you today!!
    Sarah V.
  • This was a wonderful school to attend. The classroom is a setting like no other. Its a real bar setting. The course was just long enough, provided me with flexible evening hours, and great team of people to learn with. It also gave me the tools necessary to succeed in the industry. I thank and commend Capital Bartending School for all their guidance, knowledge and support!
    Courtney C.
  • Just wanted to let you know that I got a job at Knute's Pub & Grille in Shippensburg, PA as a bar tender! Thank you for all your help! I have been extremely busy with a full time college course load and working two jobs, but thanks to your class, fitting in at the new job has been a smooth transition due to all the knowledge I gained in your class. Thanks again! I hope you are successful on setting up the advanced course because I will be the first to enroll! I appreciate all your help!!!
    Tim W.
  • Hey there! I wanted to let you guys know that I got part time job with Drexel. Even tho I was not sure if I'll like the job I figured I'd get my feet wet and try to see how it goes. To my surprise I had so much fun I never thought it would be possible... I had my first shift Saturday 4pm to 10 pm it was a wedding and when I got there honestly I didn't think I'll make good money due to the fact that they only had beer and wine at the bar. I WAS SOOOO WRONG!!!! I walked out of there with $220 cash and a check for $60. This is awesome!!! Thank you guys for everything you do! You rock!!!!
    Bobby G.
  • I already have been bartending for a little under a year now and by going to this school I’ve learned so much! My knowledge and skill of drink making has increased tremendously and so has my confidence. Whether you already bartend or are just starting out, this school covers everything from what is alcohol to layered shots. I highly recommend this school and their fantastic director, Nadine:)
    Joey B.
  • Hey hey! I had my first 4:30pm-2am shift behind the bar! I love that it's fast paced, I just have to not get an attitude about slow workers now. I'm learning the signature drinks as I go and so far upper management has said they like that I am professional. They also said I show some real confidence behind the bar like they have never seen before, from someone just starting up with the company. They said "Damn, she must have gone to school or something!"
    Lydia M.
  • I just wanted to let you guys know that I got job bartending at JR'S Bar & Grill in Lancaster. Using the job searching skills you guys taught me I nailed it at my first interview. They were very impressed with my resume and how I came totally prepared. I just want to thank all of you for all the skills you taught me! I am so excited to start bartending.
    Zach G.
  • I want to thank everyone at the Capitol Bartending School for all of their help, knowledge, and expertise! You guys have a great program which has been beneficial seeking employment as we have moved from Pennsylvania to Vermont. Being a 24 year public school educator I am able to recognize a good program when I see it. You guys have all of those essential elements! Great job! I am currently working at Mad River Glen ski mountain with a great possibility of jobs at Sugarbush ski resort and the Starry Night Cafe just south of Burlington. Thanks again! The confidence I have because of the knowledge shared by the Capitol Bartending School has been well worth it.
    Kerry M.
  • Wanting to get out of a job that's going no where, but not ready or even don't want to go to college!? Bartending was the career for me, and capital bartending school got me there! Not only with there teaching in bartending and mixology, but also the guidence and tools to help land a job! I wouldnt be where i am today, bartending at The Hotel Hershey, if it wasn't for this school! Thank you guys so much for helping succeed in my new career!
    Amanda S.
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    I have learned so much in my two weeks at Capitol Bartending School! I even had my two daughters take the class with me! We had an awesome instructor who taught us the little tricks in helping remember how the many different specialty drinks are made. The staff at the school are very encouraging and want to see students be successful. I have no regrets in my decision to attend Capitol Bartending School!
    Teresa W.
  • I recently graduated from CBS and thought it was a great learning experience; all of the instructors were extremely supportive and genuinely want to do whatever they can to help their students succeed ty Nadine, Meghan, "Jase" and Jason